On every Wednesday and Saturday food is dropped off at our local Vulture Restaurant, where hundreds of these endangered birds swoop down to take part in regular feeding frenzies. This feeding site not only provides us the opportunity to take our guests on a unique experience, but also to collect information on the different species which could contribute to their conservation. Common visitors include the White-Backed Vulture, the Cape Griffon Vulture and the Lappet-Faced Vulture, but some scarcer sightings have been recorded such as the Hooded Vulture and even the Ruppell’s Vulture. Patience is rewarded!

The feathered folk abound at Shelanti and the birding enthusiast can have a delightful time trying to identify as many as possible of our 260 plus species of birds. Included are the majestic martial eagle, the noble black eagle, the fish eagle or the odd bateleur. African hawk, Tawny, Wahlberg and brown and black breasted snake eagles by no means completes the list. Nocturnal birds of prey may be encountered during night drives. The very rare Kori bustard may be encountered while the stately secretary bird regularly patrols the open places for a juicy morsel. Water birds abound during the wet season and add another dimension to an already impressive number of birds. Enough specials occur to keep the discerning birding enthusiast happy.

We cater for all your needs, phone to customise your very own photography safari equipped with your very own ranger.

Game Drives are conducted twice daily in open vehicles. Morning drives give you the opportunity to wake up early and enjoy the cool, fresh part of the day. Animals are just starting to get active and this is the perfect time to get out the vehicle and identify some tracks you may want to follow. Our game drives are popular for a reason… Encountering the elephants remain a special occasion while the mysterious hippo can often be found wallowing in a cool pool of water. If that is not enough feast your eyes on the activities of the blue wildebeest, warthog and baboon whose antics will keep you entertained for hours. At night, sharp-eyed visitors might encounter leopards, spotted and brown hyenas or even bat-eared foxes. The best part about the night drive is reconnecting with life and spending time looking at the endless Milky Way. Over fifty mammal species can be found on Shelanti, some easy to find and other not.

Pride Rock is the name of one of our cliff-side viewpoints. Here guests can delight in a dinner prepared by our local chef while enjoying the breath-taking view of a piece of Shelanti’s bushveld.  The Pride Rock dinner can be booked as a single activity or be combined with a Game Drive after which the dinner will follow.

Game Drives times may vary through the year as we aim to arrive at Pride Rock before sunset to catch the amazing view!  Other activities, such as weddings or picknics, can also be hosted at Pride Rock.

Please contact our office for any request or questions.


Shelanti offers our guests the opportunity to experience the bushveld and its wildlife from a different view! With our Robinson R44 Helicopter we can take up to three guests, per flight, who can enjoy the unique opportunity of a flight over the whole of Shelanti.

Please contact us for any bookings or enquiries.