Shelanti Game Reserve

Shelanti Game Reserve (Est. 1996) lies in the Waterberg region of the Limpopo province, just north of the small town Marken. Shelanti boasts with the rich habitat diversity unique to this region, which in turn allows us to accommodate a high diversity of birdlife and wildlife, perfect for any wildlife enthusiast.

On our 20 000ha open farm area one has the opportunity to view not only general plains game, but also favorites such as Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena, Buffalo and the elusive Elephants. On the open farm we also run an active vulture restaurant where frequent visitors include; the White-backed vulture, the Cape Griffon vulture and the Lappetfaced vulture. Sightings of the Rüppell’s vulture have also been recorded.

Further Shelanti Game Reserve offers accommodation at our 3 star Lodge (with guesthouse), our rustic bush-camp and a fully furnished luxury farm house secluded from the rest of the lodge.

As the ambassadors of this beautiful piece of land, together with our love of nature, we feel responsible to be involved in the Conservation of South Africa’s wildlife.

It’s because of this we initially got involved in the rare game breeding industry where we acquired nine Southern Roan antelope (April 1998).

Since then we have grown in the industry and today Shelanti prides ourselves in the genetic and trophy quality of the following breeding programs:

  • Buffalo (East African bloodlines from Mike Englezakis)
  • Roan Antelope
  • Sable Antelope (Zambian and Zambian cross)
  • Nyala
  • Lichtenstein Hartebeest
  • Livingstone Eland

Together with the breeding of rare game species, we also partake in the breeding of the following colour variants:

  • Midnight Impala
  • Egoli Gnu
As mentioned above, Shelanti takes great pride in all of our projects! For our breeding projects we buy in only the best quality bloodlines available. We aim to always improve, not only on our genetic stock, but also in our involvement in the conservation of our natural heritage.

We welcome any guests to our premises and hope to hear from you soon.